Prof.Dr.Mohamed Ismail Roshdy

Information technology plays a vital and pivotal role in the process of complete change of the society without changing the prevailing social thinking.

In other words, can we use information technology in a society that lives with a non-informatics mentality? This is where the idea of establishing the faculties of computer and information sciences came from.                   

The faculty of computer and information sciences was established in the year 1996 as one of Ain Shams University faculties. It is specialized in four fields; Computer Science, Information Systems, Scientific Computing, and Computer Systems. It aims at the achievement of an information technology enlightening and the preparation of distinguished human cadres on both the national and the Arab levels, as the faculty is keen about contributing to the information technology evolution in the society, and exploiting the technology in developing people’s skills and personal abilities, in addition to increasing the ability of reasoning and discussions.

The FCIS does not work in isolation from the social variables related to development, environment, population growth, for this comes driven through a full understanding of the reality of things and the realization of the nature of the problems facing the country. In this context, the College has made a point of participating scientific and applied-inspiring in the implementation of programs of study in the field of Computing The Aeronautics and Space with the Civil Aviation National Institute ,Bioinformatics , SoftwareEngineernig as well as providing consultancy in the field of information technology for many different production sectors of industry with the aim of human beings who can keep up with the information age.

The Faculty Dean