Graduates of the Software Engineering program will be recognized as innovative leaders in the fields of computer science and software engineering by their work in software development in a myriad of application areas, and through their work in advanced study and research. The students are molded for global standards through study, experience, and practices by applying judgment to ascertain, analyze, reutilize and develop economical software systems for the benefit of mankind. The Software Engineering Program aspires to be a leading program in the region through excellence in education and research.


The mission of the Software Engineering program is to equip our graduates with the knowledge and expertise to contribute significantly to the information industry and to continue to grow professionally. The strategies of the program are set to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving world, and to meet the needs of a developing job market in Software Engineering. This program addresses both analytic and practical skills required by students to develop robust and efficient computer software systems for manufacturing, industrial, medical, government, and business applications. The curriculum of this program aims to prepare students for careers in software engineering, software project management, and software development and provide high quality education and innovative development of software products that would benefit the society and significantly enhance the quality of life in the region and beyond.


The BSc in Software Engineering (SWE) program, validated at Ain Shams University’s Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences in 2013, aims to graduate skilful software Engineering specialists with capabilities of utilizing and developing new technologies in the software engineering field and the required knowledge and skills. The students are perfectly equipped to deal with the rapidly changing environment of software engineering and to put their theoretical knowledge into practice by producing large-scale software designs. The program teaches students not just how to deploy cutting edge tools and techniques, but how to build the next generation of software tools, and gives a well-integrated balance of theoretical understanding and practical experience to the students. The SWE program emphasizes code development as an engineering science and facilitates the project understanding and skills necessary to participate in systematic analysis and software development with an emphasis on design quality, technical evaluation, team working and management.