Credit Hour Programs (CHP)

The Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences – Ain Shams University, offers five Credit Hour Programs (FCIS-CHP):

  1. Bioinformatics Technology Program
  2. Software Engineering Program
  3. Artificial Intelligence Program
  4. Cyber Security Program
  5. Digital Multimedia Program

FCIS-CHP is concerned with graduating skillful graduate specialists who has:

  • An excellent understanding of Computer Science multidisciplinary fields
  • High ability to develop, maintain and adapt modern software to different uses and applications
  • Innovative and expressive skills, in addition to planning and follow-up capabilities

CHP Advantages

  • Novel programs that match the latest global trends in education development
  • Dynamic and strong interdisciplinary curricula with strong link between teaching and research
  • Close collaboration with the Software industry market and interactions with the community stakeholders
  • Programs are based on the credit hour system (with tuition fees), hence providing flexibility and standard recognition
  • Provided courses include the latest sciences and recent technologies
  • Lectures and tutorials are conducted within small number of students
  • Programs use modern teaching methods, such as:
    • Self and long-life learning
    • Panel discussions
    • Problem Solving
    • Preparing, presenting and discussing scientific reports and projects
  • Programs use modern educational facilities in teaching and learning, such as:
    • Resources provided by modern and up-to-date technologies
    • E-books and digital libraries
    • Different means of presentations and explanatory films
    • Electronic lectures and handouts
    • Electronic information and management systems, such as: website, fb group pages, LMS & SIS
  • English language is the main language of study and communication
  • Consideration of effective summer practical training
  • Full academic supervision for every student
  • Formulating examination systems to suit the developed teaching methods to brighten student abilities to understand, comprehend and self-learn, as well as to innovate, and be creative.
  • Implementing performance appraisal and quality assurance systems (NAQAAE Program & Course evaluation, Course/ Teaching staff performance evaluation, Examinations evaluation, etc.)
  • Graduates have higher chance of getting employment in international companies in Egypt and abroad.
  • Students have chance to do summer internship abroad.