The Digital Multimedia Program of the Faculty of Computing and Information, Ain Shams University, seeks to become a leading educational and research program in preparing cadres capable of meeting the needs of the labor market in the field of digital multimedia at the local, regional and global levels.


Preparing specialized cadres with the ability to acquire specialized knowledge in the field of digital multimedia within a framework of values and ethics, in addition to devoting educational and research capabilities to developing applied skills to serve the community and appropriate to the changing labor market locally, regionally and globally, while achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.


The BSc in Digital Multimedia (DMM) program, validated at Ain Shams University’s Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences in 2018, aims to graduate qualified multimedia specialist with capabilities of utilizing and developing new technologies in the multimedia domain. The program prepares students with the science and skills needed to produce applications that can store information in various forms including text, images, animation and sounds, and display them interactively. The DMM program exposes the students to the diverse use of science in the fields of advertising, art, education, entertainment and special effects in films, animation and games.