Credit Hour Programs – Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences are ones of the leading specialized programs in computers and information established in Egypt. They aim to make progress in ICT in tandem with the information revolution and the knowledge economy, both at the level of development of the current recent industrial and society needs, and at the concept of professional education, including curricula and applied materials taught to students, computer labs and specialized training. The faculty regularly holds its annual employment day, scientific conference, and various events and programs to help its students and researchers develop their technological and research capabilities, in addition to their personal skills.

We warmly welcome you at the new FCIS-CHP, wishing you all the success.”

Prof. Nagwa Badr

Dean of FCIS – ASU

Every day, Computer and Information Sciences step into the various domains and physical ecosystems creating a large space for interdisciplinary fields. The Credit Hours Programs at FCIS – ASU are among the first and superior education models in Egypt, following these interdisciplinary needs, while ensuring a high-quality and standard-based education. Our learning environment focuses on enhancing the students’ knowledge, practical and transferrable skills according to the latest recent learning and technological trends. To ensure leadership and offer our students the best progressive careers, we maintain close relationship with partners in industry and academia for providing trainings and sponsorships opportunities.

We trust that you will benefit and enjoy studying with our new programs and we warmly welcome you to FCIS – CHP.”

Assoc. Prof. Sherine Rady

FCIS CHP Director