The Artificial Intelligence Program at the Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences, Ain Shams University, aims at being a pioneer program locally and internationally, and a role model in university education in the fields of Artificial Intelligence sciences, systems and applications, with achievement for the international quality standards in their systems and programs, in addition to qualifying distinguished cadres to contribute to the community service and development through this field.


Preparing specialized cadres in the field of artificial intelligence who have the necessary knowledge, experience and scientific and applied skills to contribute to the development of advanced software systems that have the required quality and that is compatible with the needs of the sustainable and integrated development of the society in various sectors and covers the needs of the local and global labor market.

Deepening the scientific awareness and the applied research for using artificial intelligence techniques in various sectors and foundations of the country in various fields, and raising the efficiency of their development and use while ensuring their compatibility with the required quality standards.

Establishing scientific agreements with the corresponding bodies and foundations at the local and global levels with the aim of exchanging experiences and conducting research related to the specializations of artificial intelligence and its applications.


The BSc in Artificial Intelligence (AI) program, validated at Ain Shams University’s Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences in 2018, aims to graduate qualified and well-educated students who are knowledgeable in computer systems, hardware and software, and who are able to put their theoretical knowledge into practice by producing large-scale intelligent software applications. The AI program is concerned with the notion to develop the students’ ability to make a critical evaluation of the theories, techniques, tools and systems used in this field and associated areas of Artificial Intelligence. The program allows students to specialize in artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering, as well as the development of computational and engineering models of complex cognitive and social behaviours.