Academic Advising


The academic advising aims to help students discovering their abilities in making decisions related to their study plan and overcoming any difficulties that inhibit their academic path.

The faculty assigns a faculty member (teaching staff) to each student as an academic advisor during his/her academic path.

The benefits of the academic advising are as follows:

  • Awareness of the internal rules, laws and regulations of the faculty.
  • Preparing new students to cope with the academic life at the university through guiding and mentoring programs.
  • Assisting students with courses’ registrations, while considering their abilities, preparations and interests.
  • Analyze the performance of students during the semester and put them on the correct path to excel and innovate.
  • Provide solutions to all academic obstacles or problems facing students, such as academic failure.
  • Benefit from the experiences of faculty members to help students solving their problems in the appropriate way according to each case.
  • Help students to discover themselves and make their own decisions, especially when they encounter some difficulties in their academic program.
  • Provide a good atmosphere of closeness and familiarity between the academic advisor and students within the framework of the faculty rules, which enables the advisor to be aware of any academic or social problems they might encounter students and helps them to find appropriate solutions and make the right decisions at the correct times.