FCIS_ASU – UEL Dual Degree  

  •  The student receives a certificate from the University of East London – UK and Ain Shams University – Inter-Disciplinary Credit Hours Programs Only, In the following programs: 

              1- Bioinformatics Technology Program (BIO) 

              2- Software Engineering Program (SWE) 

              3- Artificial Intelligence Program (AI) 

              4- Cyber Security Program (CSEC) 

              5- Digital Multimedia Program (DMM) 

  • The student will study for 4 years according to the approved study plan in Egypt, and travel is not required during the study period. 
  • The student will pay the tuition fees for the study in Egypt in Egyptian Pounds according to the student’s approved bylaw. Additionally, as required fees for UEL, the student will pay once £500 as admission fees plus £600 at the beginning of the Fall semester of the academic year for 3 years. 
  • Advanced entry is allowed. This means that students enrolled in the upper levels are allowed to join the dual degree at their specific year only. 
  • The student must follow the sequence of the program study plan shown in the announced student guide. 
  • The student must pass ILETS with a score of 5.5 for program admission. 
  • Students enrolled in disciplinary programs (formally known mainstream) need to transfer first to inter-disciplinary programs (formally known CHP) following the faculty transfer rulesASU course equivalency will take place for the courses studied in disciplinary programs. 
  • Application to FCIS_ASU-UEL Dual Degree will be open on SIS. You can follow up on CHP Website for application. 


Dual Degree Advantages 

  • Students get double B.Sc. degree awards from two Institutions in the same program in less years of study 
  • Well recognized Degree worldwide 
  • Less expense in terms of fees and other educational expenses 
  • No need to travel 
  • Accredited Degrees by International Accreditation Bodies 
  • Teaching Progression,Coordination, assessment revisions are done via UEL  
  • Students have access to UEL portal and other resources 
  • Exam Resits offered on UEL track, assisting the student progression   




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