Date: 01-06-2015

The proposed programs are characterized by high quality educational system in non-traditional areas, and with an academic system that differs than the already offered one especially with the large number of students. The advantages of the proposed programs and system can be summarized as follows:

1-     The proposed programs are new non-traditional ones that cope with the international educational systems and its development.

2-     The programs are based on credit hour system with tuition fees, this system is being established in many industrial countries and proven to be very successful.

3-     The curriculums in the proposed programs include the latest information and techniques in the area of specialty that are comparable with those in renowned international institutes and universities.

4-     The programs are designed to utilize new educational systems such as; personal learning, discussion groups, workshops, problem solving, and preparing, presenting and discussing projects.

5-     Utilizing new educational techniques such as; e-books, e-library, electronic lectures and handouts, electronic papers and assignments submission through the internet, etc.

6-     Economics, marketing, management, risk assessment, decision management, and law and ethics are emphasized in the proposed programs.

7-     Development of language (Arabic language and English language) capabilities of the students (i.e. communication, writing and idea expression).

8-     Practical training either in faculty labs and field training in different industrial companies and community sectors is highlighted.

9-     Improvement of the graduate capabilities and skills to face real life and have a good chance in finding the desired job, this is achieved by designing the curriculums in accordance with the job market needs and requirements from skills, information and technology.

10-Students will have full academic supervision through the assignment of academic advisor from the faculty staff member.

11-Elaboration of the student’s skills, knowledge, self learning and originality in thought through new exam system which fits the utilized newly educational systems and techniques.

12-Application of performance assessment and quality assurance according to the criteria of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation (curriculum evaluation – program evaluation – students’ performance evaluation – staff evaluation – exams evaluation …etc.)

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